Spotlight on “Once Upon a Child”

    Once Upon a Child Waco is a store that sells baby clothes, shoes, books and puzzles for children. It’s located at the corner of Franklin Road and New Road. The store has gently used items for all ages, including preteens and infants.

    This store is a local franchise that has just celebrated its fifth anniversary. It allows parents to shop for the supplies they need at a great value  and also sell items their children no longer use.

    Jennifer Springman, owner of the company stated that she offers customers a cash estimate for items they can buy based on their condition, style, and demand. “And we don’t require an appointment!”

    You can find clothing and other items for your child that they might use on a daily basis. But you also have holiday and seasonal items that you can use to host family photo shoots and get-togethers.

    Additional ways to save are available through Once Upon a Child Waco

    Springman stated that customers have the option to sign up for a rewards program, which includes sales alerts and coupons. We also offer a New Moms Club to expectant and new mothers. Monthly promotions can be arranged that offer discounts and even free products.

    According to the store owner, she encouraged parents to stop by to see what Once Upon a Child had to offer.

    She said that they have more inventory than people would expect. “And we get more inventory than you’d expect,” she said.

    Once Upon A Child is the largest national franchise specializing on gently used children’s clothing, shoes and toys. Their closest competitor is 3 to 1. Many of their franchisees were moms and dads who first became customers, then made it a career out of bringing this unique retail experience into their communities.

    Once Upon A Child sells gently used, new, and gently used children’s clothing, toys and furniture.

    • They buy all seasons!
    • All ages welcome!
    • Size: Newborn to Youth 18

    Once Upon A Child is a new Cape Coral business that was opened at the end January.

    Although the business was once in Cape Coral, it is now back in operation and has moved to Fort Myers because there was more space for inventory.

    Carli Fike is the district manager and the daughter of Gary and Debbie. She said that the family moved from Ohio in 2006 to the Cape to open their first store. It was closed in 2009.

    • Fike stated, “We had to expand at that time and there wasn’t room.”
    • This year was the right time to make a return to Cape Town.

    Fike stated that a lot of young families were moving to the area. “Our corporation decided that it was open territory so we returned to Cape Coral. It was easy and close to home.

    Once Upon A Child has more than 360 stores across the United States and Canada. They buy and sell used clothing, shoes, books, toys, and baby equipment. It’s based on the same model as Style Encore, Plato’s Closet and Play It Again Sports. All three are part of parent company Winmark.

    Fike said that the new Cape store is located on the site of Goodwill at 1500 N.E. Pine Island Road. It has 7,000 square feet of space and offers ample storage.

    It was easy to get this store off the ground after opening multiple stores in the area.

    Fike stated, “Since our business has been in existence already, we know the process and procedures.” It is all about getting the word out.

    A steady supply of inventory is key to the success of a store.

    Fike stated, “We buy everything because we need it all.” That is how we keep our heads above water.

    It is crucial that the item be in good condition before it can be resold. All items must also meet safety standards set by the government. You won’t find car seats at Once Upon A Child because of these laws and standards. All cribs that were not manufactured after 2011 are also on the blacklist. Recalled toys are also prohibited.

    • Opening of the Once Upon a Child shop in Brighton
    • On Tuesday, employees hustled to stock shelves and fold them.

    Children’s resale shop, located at 8675 W. Grand River Ave. is accepting gently used clothing, toys and children’s books from the public.

    Shirley Williams, co-owner and manager of the store, needs help to fill it with merchandise before she opens it to the public. She plans to keep the store open by November or December.

    Williams, a 42 year-old mother of twins and co-owner of the site with Chris Williams, said that she is open to buying from people but not yet open bassinet travel system to selling merchandise.

    • She stated that she was only 10% overstocked since last week’s purchase.
    • She started shopping online to save money on clothes for her twins.
    • She said that shopping for her twins, a boy or a girl, can be difficult.

    Williams stated, “People don’t say you need to have double the amount of everything when you have twins. But, having a boy or girl, I need twice as much of almost everything.”

    “I fell in love with this store and I think every neighborhood should have one like it. The kids want you to look stylish and fabulous, even if you are a bargain shopper.


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