How to Choose the Right Wallpaper for Your Interiors

    If you’ve ever used Thibault Wallpaper to decorate your home, you know their brand is synonymous with beautiful design. With hundreds of designs to choose from, including traditional, transitional, and signature color palettes, if you can think of it, Thibault has a wallpaper that looks just like it.

    Deciding on the right wallpaper for your home can be challenging. You want to give your house a certain look, but how to choose the right wallpaper for your interiors? In this post, we’ll give you a few tried and true tips to help you select the perfect wallpaper for your home. Colors, patterns, sizes, and styles all play a key role in the decision-making process. Let’s get started.

    Wallpaper Styles

    There are plenty of styles to choose from. Consider beforehand if you want to cover all the walls or just one accent wall since accent wall styles differ from regular wallpaper.

    The wallpaper style you go with should match the rest of your home’s decor. Contrasting styles usually don’t flow well, so keep this in mind. Here are a few style examples you should consider:

    • Modern. The most popular modern decor is made up of geometric shapes and patterns.
    • Rustic. For that cabin-in-the-woods look, rustic wallpaper mimics nature with colors and textures mimicking grass, stone, and trees. Take a look at Thibaut grasscloth wallpaper to see what we mean.
    • Classical. There is beauty in simplicity. Classical designs are simple but elegant and instill your interior with a sophisticated atmosphere.
    • Casual. For a more relaxed atmosphere, casual wallcoverings make friends, family, and first-time visitors feel at home.

    Wallpaper Colors

    The colors you choose for your wallpaper ought to be a decent match to your windows, ceilings, and floors. You can give depth to a room by choosing a slightly lighter wallpaper than the shade of the flooring. This method gives an exquisite touch to any bathroom. Check out Thibaut wallpaper for the bathroom for a similar look.

    Pick colors from the shading range of the rest of your home. Reuse at least one of the colors with your chosen wallpaper.

    Make use of your accent color shading as the fundamental color in your wallpaper to make it stand out. Lastly, For a smooth simple change, rehash the divider paint color as the main wallcovering tone.

    Pattern or Plain Wallpapers

    Patterned wallpaper may have been a sign of luxury fifty years ago. These days, they’re a common, affordable way to redecorate your home. Select between patterned or plain wallpaper by comparing colors and patterns.

    Assuming you have patterned curtains and furniture, an easy way is to choose a wallpaper that matches the wall’s tone or texture.

    If you select a patterned wallpaper, choose a differently-sized pattern than your curtains or furniture, slightly smaller or bigger.

    If you want to make it easy on yourself, plain wallpaper gives the eyes a welcome rest from an elaborate space.

    You may have heard that you should choose patterns similar to room size, like small patterns for smaller rooms for example. This is untrue. In fact, contrasting pattern size is a great way to make a room more exciting. Patterns the same size as the room are rather boring. For example, fill a large bedroom with tiny-patterned wallpaper. Make a point to mix up your patterns and room sizes to keep your guests interested.

    Transform Interiors With the Right Wallpaper

    Changing a room’s atmosphere is simple when you follow the right advice. As you have read, the right wallpaper can transform your interior. Whether you’re looking to make a slight alteration or a major change, Thibault has just the right wallpaper for you. Transform a classically-styled room into a casual hangout with the right wallpaper.

    Thibault wallpapers and wallcoverings offer unsurpassed quality and design with styles from classic patterns to novel originals and beyond. You can get Thibault and other wallpaper brands at Mahones. We’re a wallpaper company offering the highest quality wallpapers and wallcoverings since 1969. If you’re in the neighborhood, visit our offices in Lynchburg, Virginia. Otherwise, you can find us on our website.



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