The Ultimate Guide to Portable “Travel Bidet”


These devices are amazing, and you should try them. They are low-cost and more useful than your home model. You will be convinced quickly. After a brief trial, you might want to upgrade to a seat or attachment for your travel bidet.

What is a Portable Travel Bidet?

A travel bidet does not function as a toilet. Although they are sometimes combined in modern bathrooms and shared functions, historically and functionally they are completely separate devices. A toilet is designed to collect waste, while a bidet helps to remove it. A bidet, whether it is a full-sized or portable model, sprays water on your anus and genitals to clean out any unwanted material.

Higher-end bidets can heat your body, dry you afterwards, and perform other functions. All bidets have the same basic ability to remove feces after elimination or aid in feminine hygiene.

The portable bidet does the same thing as a regular home model, but in a slightly different manner. The portable style does not have a toilet seat or a toilet, but is a small water bottle that can be carried around. There are two types available: the non-electric and the electric.

How do Portable Travel Bidet Work?

Non-electric portable travel bidet work by mechanical action. You squeeze the bottle. You fill the bidet with warm or cool water. Then, you place your finger on the built-in “airlock” to stop unwanted leakage. Next, tilt the bottle upside down and aim the nozzle at the desired location. Finally, squeeze the bottle to clean it.

These battery-powered models can be used in the same way as the squeeze-bottle hand bijets but are ideal for seniors and those recovering from recent operations. A simple click of a button is enough to open the bottle instead of squeeze it.

Are Portable Travel Bidets Really Effective?

Answer: A moderately qualified “yes”. Some work better than others, just like any product. Some are simpler to use, more durable, or have special features. Some are fishing rod travel case more difficult to use. This is what I saw in the portable travel bidet that I tested.

It is true that any portable bidet needs some practice in order to find the right angle for you. It takes a certain amount of skill to use a portable bidet, and some may not find it worth the effort. These bottles can’t hold much water. Some people will find the water enough while others may not.

These can be used at home by some, but are intended to be used on the move – in town or on vacation. There are travel bidet attachments for home use – some as cheap as two small bottles – that attach directly to a toilet seat.