These are the Best “Travel Bags For Men”


It is no secret that consumers have been prioritizing experiences over possessions for many years. The right preparation can make any trip more enjoyable travel bags for men, no matter how long it is. There are many options when it comes packing, especially with smart luggage’s recent popularity. We’ve collected our top picks for backpacks, duffels, weekenders and rollers to make your next getaway memorable.

Rollers & Spinners

  • Get Rid of the Bigger Carry-On Travel Bags For Men

The original smart luggage brand Away is the best way to start Regular Chicken things off. This is the original brand that started it all. We love this larger carry-on with all of the Away features, including a TSA compliant ejectable batteries. Away’s amazing return policy guarantees are also a major draw. You can try the product for 100 days and then return it if it doesn’t suit you. Away will repair any problem within the first 100 days.

  • Filson Dryden Two Wheel Carry-On Suitcase

Filson’s Filson carry-on luggage is another great option. Filson’s nylon fabric is abrasion-resistant and will look great for years. It also has a sporty look that makes it stand out from the rest of hard-shell luggage.

  • Calpak Murphie Under-Seat Carry-On Travel Bags For Men

Nothing is worse than being told by a flight attendant that overhead storage is full and all luggage must be checked. Calpak’s carry-on is perfectly sized to fit under the seat in front of you.

  • G-Ro Check-In

G-Ro’s long-range suitcase is our favorite. G-Ro’s wheels are the key to this suitcase’s ability to handle all terrain, including bumps and steps. You won’t have to worry about your wheels breaking again.

Weekenders & Duffels Travel Bags for Men

  • Everlane Mover Pack

The versatility of this bag is key. You can use it as a traditional duffel, a vertical duffel, or as a backpack. It is also waterproof.

  • Patagonia Planning Duffel Travel Bags for Men

Patagonia is our favorite performance duffel. It’s also sustainably manufactured so you can feel good about it. The 100 percent recycled polyester body features a bottom compartment that keeps dirty or wet items separated from clean ones.

  • Filson Ranger Backpack

This Filson backpack is vintage-inspired. It features a canvas body and leather strap detail. The backpack also features multiple pockets and a wool zippered pouch that can be removed.