Creative Ways With Feng Shui To Improve Your Business



In human life, no matter how financial wealth we have, we always attracted to wealth, money and happiness. In China, people follow an ancient astrological method called Feng Shui to bring positivity, wealth and happiness. The term Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method of architecture that involves maintaining our surroundings and environment with Feng Shui related things to spread positivity, wealth in happiness. Simply saying Feng Shui is somewhat related to Indian’s Vasthu Shastra. We can implement Feng Shui in our homes by maintaining a small aquarium and water fountain, using some Feng Shui lucky products, as suggested in Feng Shui. Let us deeply discuss few important Feng Shui products and its uses below.

There are so many ways to use Feng Shui, to attract happiness and wealth. One of the important things is to maintain our home neat and clean with some decorative items like laughing Buddha, lucky Feng Shui cat, aquarium, water fountain, wealth vase, lucky bamboo trees, etc.

Laughing Buddha- It is a Chinese gourd idol with a smiling face. Laughing Buddha is the idol of Chinese old monk who lived in the 10th century. In China, it is believed that placing this idol in home and working area increase our wealth and happiness tremendously.

Lucky Feng Shui Cat – It is a small lucky cat idol which resembles the property of piggy bank where we can also save money in that. This idol is looking like a cat which rising and waving its hand and welcoming the wealth and happiness to our residence. So keeping this idol in our living room will increase our financial status.

Fish Aquarium – In Feng Shui, an aquarium is considered as one of the important factors to bring wealth and happiness.  Since an aquarium is the combination of several Feng Shui related factors, it is very important to keep the aquarium in a proper place with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Water Fountain- Using and maintaining a clean water fountain in homes and offices can gradually improve the airflow quality and also the fountain’s water flow sound will bring some positive vibes, wealth and happiness. Feng Shui water fountains are available in different sizes and shapes but all we have to do is keep it clean and clear.

Wealth Vase – A Feng Shui wealth vase has its numerous inner meanings and uses. To decorate our rooms, a wealth vase plays an important role in Feng Shui. Keeping a wealth vase in our rooms makes our room decorative and also helps to gain wealth and happiness.

Lucky Bamboo tree – It is very nice to have a bamboo tree in your garden, as well as a small lucky bamboo sapling in your living room. A bamboo tree has its numerous benefits like increase the oxygen supply in the living area, increase the groundwater level, lucky bamboo plants in living rooms will bring us wealth, health, happiness, peace, and prosperity.

Nature has all the answers to life. Quantum Science tells us how to live in tune with the Universe. This is the essence of BlueRoseMaliniTM solutions

BlueRose MaliniTM  addresses various issues personal or business related i.e. business profit vs cash flow, health, social life, launch dates for products or businesses

BlueRose MaliniTM excel in Residential Science@Fengshui/Vastu for homes and businesses among our many other flagship services of BRM solutions.

BlueRose categorizes Business DIRECTIVES into 7 distinct areas

  • Brand Identity / Affinity / Logo
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Productivity / Output
  • Asset / Investments
  • Internal Relationship
  • External Relationship
  • Internal Culture / Employee Satisfaction / Teamwork

Once the issues are identified, Locating the various Dimensions of our Aura/ Consciousness within the office space that is in Affinity to us the energy of locational or directional energies are nullified or enhanced to the exact point to assist in the company’s endeavors. Solutions, while looking at Improving Internal Processes are coupled with RESIDENTIAL SCIENCE activation for a given year to trace the stars that are in affinity with the Business. Every Aspect of our lives are imprints of elemental energy from consciousness hence deriving from our birth details and or a reference point, various aspects of life /business can be derived to be a representation of various elements that play a part. Once a reference element is establish using 24@BlueRoseM™ Hexa Method, we then identify the cause of certain issues in life and look at the feasibility of reducing the energy that are sitting in certain areas of our life.

Activation of Hexa location at work/home per a given year to support a certain endeavour (e.g. MARKETING & SALES) on a Short term Goal, the universe works on a Matrix of energy that resonates with the Business Affinity. 

“An issue at hand is only 25% of  a total problem identified, knowing what to solve, how to solve and when to solve yields all other 25% to success , all actions are grace to accomplishment” MALINI.

Author Bio:

Sowmya helps start-ups to write articles/blogs, build an audience and get more readers. Her education and career has helped and shaped her research interests and desire to continue understanding various aspects of her field which includes Metaphysics services from BlueRoseMaliniTM