10 Must know Facts about Aircon Servicing


Aircon is one of the most important tools in today’s home, especially in hot and tropical countries. To ensure that your bathroom is in proper working order, you should clean it regularly. Keep some specific things in mind when servicing the bathroom. Some of these facts are briefly explained here for your consideration.

If your aircon is not properly cooled, you can do it by simply cleaning its external condenser or replacing its filter before calling the air conditioning service provider. If you are still unable to use the air conditioner after completing both of these operations, you surely need to contact your Singapore Aircon Servicing provider.

Most air conditioner filters are located behind the grille in the house or equipment. In order to prevent the filter from getting dirty and properly clean the air, the air conditioning filter should be cleaned or replaced regularly. If your air conditioner has a 1° filter, it needs to be replaced once a month, while a 2° filter can be replaced every two months. If your air conditioner can cool your room properly, you can filter it for 6-12 months using a 4-5 Euro filter. But you have more than two pets or outdoors, they have a lot of dust, just like you live on a farm, on the roadside or on a construction site. Then, because it gets dirty faster, you need to change the filter more often.

You need to keep the air conditioner clean from all sides. Don’t stay close to him. If you see leaves, dirt, cottonwood, lawn next to it, please turn off the air conditioner first. Then you need to flush from each side using a water pipe with a nozzle. You should flush the condenser from above and clean it from all sides to lower it.

If you see frost on indoor or outdoor air conditioning ducts during the summer, you will not be able to cool your home properly because the system is frozen. To fix this, you need to minimize the system. Simply turn off the air conditioner thermostat and turn on the fan to slow down the system faster. The fan will release hot air from the freezing tube to melt the ice and quickly damage the system. Although the system may take 1-2 hours to slow down, it should be destroyed, but your air conditioner will start working for at least a day or two, or until it freezes again. You need to fix this as soon as possible, because it is not good to tear and freeze the system for long periods of time. The main problem with frosting on pipes is the water filter. If the problem cannot be solved by cleaning the filter, you may need to replace it yourself or contact your service provider.

Another important thing to remember is the determination of the thermostat. Usually, the difference between the outdoor temperature and the indoor temperature should be close to 20 degrees. Assuming an external temperature of 92 degrees Fahrenheit, the internal temperature must not be lower than 72 degrees. However, if the outside temperature exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the air conditioner must work hard to reach 72 degrees or any temperature you want to reach in the house. However, you do not need to set the thermostat’s temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit because it freezes the air conditioner and causes problems during normal operation.

If water is found to leak from the outer tube of the air conditioner, there is a problem with the drain of the main cooling zone of the equipment. Water will flow through the emergency drainage system of the air conditioner. This problem can be easily detected because the drain is usually in the visible area. Contact your air conditioning service provider immediately after detecting this issue.

When planting new plants near the outdoor unit of the bathroom, the distance should not be less than 12-36 inches. If you have plantations near your outdoor unit, you can cut them at least 12-18 inches. This will make your outdoor unit breathless. You will need to reduce the existing inspections from time to time to ensure that the bathroom exterior equipment has the necessary clearance.

If your air conditioner is cooling, you should contact your service provider immediately. If the leak has been fixed, he can add air to get your air conditioner working again. Refrigerant leaks may come from external equipment, enclosed equipment or air conditioning copper tubes. If the leak cannot be repaired, the service provider will need to replace the damaged part.

In the outdoor unit of the bathroom, nothing prevents the airflow above the air conditioner, such as fences, sunshades or tents. All of these factors can hinder the free flow of air in the air and affect its work in the long run.

If the thermostat in your bathroom is programmable, you can’t change the setting by more than 5 degrees, especially if the weather is too extreme. Instead, it’s difficult for your air conditioner to save energy when it’s lowered to the desired internal temperature level.

So, after understanding what is discussed in this article, you can call your air conditioning service provider to make an informed decision when needed. It will also minimize the deficiencies and maintenance costs of air conditioning systems. You can also avoid regular air conditioning repairs and avoid long-term comfort.