What is the secret to “Chinese Street Fashion”


People on TikTok are obsessed with Chinese street fashion over the past few weeks. But why is Chinese street fashion so popular?

You might notice that not all of the styles on TikTok are new. The outfits do not fall under one category. These slow-motion videos show stylish people strolling down the street to Chinese pop music.

It seems that the Chinese street style isn’t a single type. It draws inspiration from Japanese Lolita, punk and even New York Street Style. Its flexibility is what makes it appealing to such a wide audience. These fashion icons aren’t content to take inspiration from other styles. This is how they make it unique by using pieces from their culture, like traditional Chinese clothing. It’s not just that. The street style of China also incorporates pieces from other styles to make a striking statement outfit.

TikTokers like elly.xia, often sort Chinese street style into Fashion Brand Company various categories. These categories show how unique and individual Chinese street fashion can truly be.

Pastel Goth/ Lolita inspired chinese street style

Pastel goth refers to an aesthetic that comes from goth. Goth is a subculture that emerged in the United Kingdom in the 1980s. It is a musical subculture that was inspired by gothic rock. Victorian fashion inspired goth fashion, with its dark outfits and smokey makeup. Goths are also inspired by styles in gothic literature, and gothic horror movies.

Pastel goth has its roots in Japanese Harajuku street fashion and lolita fashion. It became popular in the 2010s. Pastel goth can be described as someone who says, “Let’s take goth fashion and make it pastel, add more cuteness, but still have the horror elements.”

Ten years after its peak, Chinese street fashion brings it back to the forefront. It incorporates new elements such as qipao.

E-people makeup aims to make a wearer appear younger by Garden Incinerator using a lot of blush on their nose and cheeks. The look can also include dyeing your hair in unusual colors that are most likely inspired from anime characters. The e-boy/girl look is cute and edgy but still looks cool.

Because it isn’t limited to one style, Chinese street fashion is captivating to everyone. It doesn’t compromise its creativity to look “normal.” Fashion that stands out is what these stylish people love. They aren’t afraid to mix elements from different genres, creating something new. There is something for everyone in Chinese street fashion.