Moving services are very common because people always travel from one place to another. Whether you are moving or rearranging, moving heavy furniture is a big challenge. It may be exciting to look forward to a new life in a new home.

Some people see leaving their previous residence as the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. No matter how eager a person is, a simple strategy should be used to lift large and uncomfortable objects without causing damage to the back, house or furniture. While some people choose to complete the entire process themselves and save a certain amount of money and time, others rent a furniture transformer.

Regardless of whether you hire a Singapore mover or not, here are some handy tips for moving furniture into a new home, apartment, or different space:


When moving heavy furniture, the goal is to be as efficient as possible. Make a list of heavy objects that need to be loaded into a moving vehicle, and then find out when and where they need to be loaded. Prioritize the sequence of each piece of furniture and remember to start with the largest and hardest pieces of furniture.

Break the furniture into the smallest components

Every heavy piece of furniture can be broken down as much as possible. This requires the removal of all reusable parts, such as pillows, handles, legs, drawers, etc., so that they can be moved individually, as well as the disassembly of the bed parts and frames. If you need to cut screws or other small parts to reach them, be sure to put the small ingredients of each item into the bag and mark until you know what they do.

Make sure the chair is “stuck” in the corner

Large simple chairs are difficult to manipulate. Get tips from a professional and “install” a large chair in the corner. Place the chair on its side into an “L” shape, and then push back against the door. Then wrap around the door frame (hook) and slide inwards.

Shift items from carrying or dragging

Prepare furniture slides of various shapes and sizes in residential centers and online.The tops of the plastic trash cans, frisbees, bed linen, sheets, towels and carpet scraps will all be used to make your own slides. For rugs, use hard plastic slides, and for hard floors, use soft padded slides.

Blankets and plastic wrap can be used to protect the furniture

Removing blankets is important to protect your belongings and home. They’re cheap to rent, but you can buy them for a few dollars more at Family Center or and take them wherever you go. Cover dressing tables, chairs, and other furniture completely in a moving blanket, and cover the blanket with a stretch film to prevent scratches on the ends and brittle parts.

Describe the landing site

If you are moving to a new house, please plan in advance where to place the furniture. Develop a floor plan with the correct measurements for each room, weigh your furniture and plan your layout before you move. Then, when you put in your stuff, you (or your assistant, if you’re not there) will put your furniture in the right place so you don’t touch it again.

Moving belts, furniture slides and furniture cars

Moving belt:

When moving furniture in the house, a moving belt is very important. They will reduce pressure on the arms and back when moving heavier objects. Shoulder straps easily carry the toughest items. They lower the center of gravity of the object you are pulling, allowing you to get through it without having to lean too far.

Furniture slider:

If you want to pull your own heavy furniture, this is a must have. Furniture sliders are usually made from one or more pieces of plastic and installed under each foot or corner of furniture that is moved so that it floats on the floor, including carpets. Their role is to form a flexible barrier between the object and the floor, eliminate friction that may make heavy furniture difficult to move, and reduce the possibility of damaging hardwood, tile or carpet.

Furniture cart:

When moving furniture, there are two types of furniture trolleys that can come in handy, but usually you can release them one by one in hand. The first is a four -wheeled square board, which can be pushed with or without a stick. Another option is a two -wheeled trolley, which has a smaller base than a four -wheeled square frame, but helps distribute the weight vertically. Before starting to drive, use a rope or extra rope to tie the object to the trolley.

Combine different technologies for different furniture projects

To deliver a particular piece of furniture, use a special strategy. For example, place the sofas upright on either side and let them enter the door. If the sofa is slightly higher than the door opening, start at the top of the sofa away from the door to get a few inches of clearance.

Here are some tips that homeowners must keep in mind when moving from one place to another in Singapore. It is always advisable to rent furniture transformers and wrappers. Since these people are already working in the industry, they usually have better ideas that can make the whole process faster and easier. We are cheap house mover in Singapore, which makes the moving experience unforgettable rather than bothersome.

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