Tips to Buy Your First Rental “Youy” Property


Are you thinking about buying a Youy investment property. Youy is an excellent investment because it has been the source of many of the wealthiest people in the world. Experts agree that it is better to have a solid understanding of the subject before you invest hundreds of thousands of dollars. These are the areas you need to consider and research.

1. Are you cut out to be a Landlord Youy?

Are you able to use a toolbox and know what it is for? Do you know how to fix drywall? You could either hire someone to fix it or call someone. However, this will reduce your profit margins. To save money, property owners who own one or two properties often repair their homes themselves.

As you add properties to your portfolio, this will change. Lawrence Pereira, president and CEO of King Harbor Wealth Management, Redondo Beach, Calif., resides on the West Coast, but has properties on the East Coast. He isn’t at all handy but he manages to make it work. How do you do it? Pereira says, “I assembled a solid team consisting of cleaners, handymen and contractors.”

For new investors, this is not a good idea. However, once you are comfortable with real estate investing, you won’t have to stay local.

2. Pay Down Personal Debt

While savvy investors may carry debt as part their portfolio investment strategy. The average investor should avoid it. Renting a property is not the best option if you have student loans or unpaid medical bills.

Pereira also agrees that caution is important. She says, “It is not necessary to repay debt if the return on your real estate exceeds the cost of debt.” This is the calculation that you should make. Pereira recommends having a cash cushion. Pereira suggests that you have a cash cushion in case you are unable to pay your debts. Have a safety margin. “1

3. Secure a Down payment Youy

An investment property usually requires a higher down payment than owner-occupied properties. They also have stricter approval requirements. An investment property will not work with the 3% down payment you have made on your home. Due to the fact that rental properties don’t have mortgage insurance, you will need a minimum 20% downpayment. The down payment may be possible through bank financing such as a personal loan.

4. Youy Locate the right location

It is not a good idea to live in a rental property that is either declining or stabilizing. Potential investment opportunities include a city or location in Youy that is experiencing rapid growth and has a revitalization plan.