4 Signs You need to Call for Mold Inspection West Palm Beach Services

    West Palm Beach, Florida is within one of the highest regions where insurance claims are made for mold damage. Due to the standard things that can cause mold, such as roof leaks, leaking appliances, pipe bursts, and toilet backflows, the area also gets a lot of rain and hurricanes, compared to other regions in the country. This means the chances of your home getting mold damage is significantly higher. You should call for the best mold inspection West Palm Beach service in the event you detect any of these four common signs of mold damage.

    1. Call Mold Inspection West Palm Beach Companies if You Smell a Musty Odor

    When moisture gets trapped under carpets, in walls, or in other parts of the home, mold spores can settle in those areas and spawn colonies of black mold. The mold and moisture produce an odor described by most as being musky. If you smell a musty odor in the bathroom, kitchen, or any room for that matter, you should call a mold inspection West Palm Beach company to use their mold detection equipment to positively identify any mold growth.

    1. Mold Inspection Services are Warranted if You Have a Pipe Burst

    Pipe bursts are one of the leading causes of household mold. In some cases plumbing in your walls cna fail, especially in older homes where plumbing material life expectancy is nearing its end. In other cases trees growing too close to plumbing lines can cause pipe bursts that lead to mold in the home’s foundation. Tree roots can grow into pipes and cause them to leak, and over time this water can pool into your home’s foundation. Not only can this lead to extensive and costly water damage, but it can also cause mold to dominate the foundation and come up through the flooring.

    1. You Have a Roof Leak

    If, after a rainstorm, you see spotting on the ceiling, you may be facing a roof leak. Upon such a discovery be sure to call a mold inspection company in West Palm Beach to come inspect your roof, check for mold, and work to remove any mold colonies to protect your home’s integrity and the health of your family.

    1. Appliance Leaks Warrant Making a Call for Mold Inspection Services

    Appliance leaks often cause mold, especially in West Palm Beach where humidity levels are high and allow mold an easier time to grow. When water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, swimming pool pumps, and other appliances leak water, mold colonies can follow.

    If you suspect a mold problem, call for mold inspection services without delay. And make sure the mold inspection company can also provide full remediation and restoration services. Mold can cause respiratory problems in people, cause asthma, and even cause death. Risking your family’s health isn’t worth it; call for mold inspection services without delay. Finally, make sure the mold inspection company is certified and licensed in Florida and has a great reputation in West Palm Beach. Not only should they be able to detect and remove mold, they should also teach you how to protect your home from ever facing another mold problem. These are all good signs you are dealing with the best mold inspection services West Palm Beach has to offer.


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