Successful Estate Agency. Top Tips for Impressing Property Viewers


Boost Your Curb Appeal

Many potential buyers will inspect your property from the street before they schedule an appointment to view it. First impressions count! Petty Real Serving estate agents barnoldswick for 95 years , with more than 40 experienced, knowledgeable and passionate staff members.

Buyers are not just looking for a beautiful exterior; they also want evidence of the property’s well-maintained condition. Buyers may be put off by signs that they will have to spend money or time.

Before you put your garden up for sale, make sure it looks its best. If paintwork looks tired, freshen it up.

Make it Light and Bright

Now is the time to impress them with your interior design. To make your home appear larger, keep the decoration simple. Use light and neutral colors to make it feel more spacious. You can also paint over patterns wallpaper to repair any damaged or chipped paintwork.

You want to give buyers a blank canvas on which they can envision their belongings. You can get maximum impact for minimal cost by using a few cans emulsion.

Reduce the clutter

The goal is to allow potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the property.

When it comes to ornaments, less is more. Avoid being too personal. People may subconsciously be influenced by your tastes if they don’t agree with you. A lot of family photos can distract from the main point and should be kept out of view.

Dress to Impress

Prospective buyers should be able to easily see the main purpose and potential of each space. A double bedroom should have a double bed, not a single.

You can market your property as a 3-bed, or convert the fourth bedroom into a room. Your agent can help you decide which options are most appealing to your target buyer.

You might consider replacing stained or worn carpet. If only a small part of the room is stained, you don’t have to have it re-carpeted. Patching it can prove more successful.

It may be worthwhile to restore period features, such as ceiling roses, cornices, and fireplaces, if you own an older home.

It is important to use subtle lighting and scatter subtle-smelling flowers around the house.

Keep it clean

This is obvious but make sure you keep your home spotless.

This will make the property more appealing and will also assure potential buyers that it has been maintained in all other aspects.

Revamp Your Kitchen

It was once the accepted wisdom that if buyers wanted to customize their kitchens, it was better to lower the price than spend money updating.

Many people prefer to buy a house with a well-designed kitchen. You can make it more modern by replacing the cabinet doors, worktops and handles as well as tiles and flooring if your kitchen is a bit worn. You can replace it if it is completely worn out. You can get high-quality, reasonably-priced options without breaking the bank.

Bathroom basics

Suites can be any color you want, as long as they are white.

A professional cleaning can revitalize tired bathrooms. However, it may be better to replace coloured tiles. This is especially true for strong colours such as the avocado, which I still see a lot during my valuations.


To make your outdoor space inviting, you don’t need to be the best gardener in the world. A few colorful pots and planters will do wonders for your garden and help show it off its potential.

You can show off your patio’s potential for entertaining and al fresco dining with strategically placed garden furniture.

You should ensure that your garden is neat and in good repair. Also, make sure your shed is clean and tidy.


It is important to be welcoming to viewers. However, your dog’s enthusiasm may not be appreciated by everyone. If possible, ask a neighbor to take care of your pets while you are viewing the property so that you can concentrate on it.