Safety Measures In Rainwater Usage

    As more light is shed on how to conserve our environment, more people are installing tanks to harvest rainwater. Though there are a few exceptions, it’s legal to harvest rainwater and store it in tanks for daily usage in most countries.

    Whether you want to use the rainwater for all your domestic needs or just for gardening, adelaide rain water tanks have to be free of debris as much as possible. This possibility is made possible by using quality gutters.

    With that in mind, let’s go through some dos and don’ts on collecting rainwater.


    With all the dirt on the roof, taking rainwater that is not sterilized should be discouraged. This goes for any animal and pet in your home. Same day trades recognize most rainwater is harvested through roofs which can harbor contaminants other than debris. Apart from the chemicals used to make the roof material, other pollutants such as bird droppings, insects, and dust become part of your rainwater upon harvesting. Remember, no matter how good your gutters are, they cannot purify your water.

    Watering Vegetables

    It may seem natural to water your vegetables with unfiltered water, but since you will eventually eat them, there will be no difference with drinking the water. Even when you wash them before preparation, it’s still not the right thing to do. Yes, vegetables are watered with rainwater, but it doesn’t come contaminated with everything from your rooftop.

    Don’t allow kids to swim in rainwater.

    With time, water microorganisms grow. These bacteria may be harmful to your child if they play or swim in the water. Same day trades appreciate that it’s tough for a child to play in the water and not ingest it. Another reason why harvested rainwater is not safe, regarding how long the water has been in the tank; it can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

    Various Uses of Rainwater

    With all the don’ts of harvested rainwater, you may wonder, why put up a tank after all? There are various uses of rainwater, such as:

    • Clean cars.
    • Use it to accelerate the rotting of a compost pit.
    • Clean your house exteriors, such as windows, porch, and deck.
    • Water anything that is not edible in your gardens, such as flowers, shrubs, and trees.
    • If there is a power outage and your toilets have no water, harvested rainwater will come in handy.
    • If you have any water features around to fill them up, they can be a good place for wild birds and animals to play and drink.

    There are do’s you can follow to get the best out of rainwater harvesting. These are:


    Different localities have various laws put in place for collecting rainwater. Consequently, before investing in a rainwater system, find out the regulations laid out in your area to avoid penalties and waste your resources.

    Secure Tanks

    No matter the size of your water tank, ensure it has a secure cover that a child or a pet cannot remove out of curiosity. Same day trades advise that the cover will discourage them from peeping and eventually climbing into the tank.

    Regularly Clean Your Tank

    Though quality gutters will prevent large debris from entering the tank, they will not prevent mold, insects, and algae. Keep the tank clean by cleaning it regularly.

    Apart from the don’ts of not using harvested rainwater, the do’s make water collection system a method that should be looked into.



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