Reasons to Work With An Interior Design Specialist


While an ever rising number of DIY programmes flooding British TV channels might suggest “easy and cost-effective solutions” when it comes to decorating our homes, one should think twice before embarking on the project. If you have high expectations of your home style and quality it wiser to go for “haute cuisine” prepared by the specialists. These days many people choose to contract an interior design specialist who would know the exact recipe of a successful project: perfect timing, within a budget, projecting your ideas into life in the most stylish and satisfying way.

How can an interior designer save you money?

Public opinion is that interior design service fees are high and one should be seriously well off to afford this luxury. This statement does not fully reflect the truth. Of course as any professional an interior designer would expect to be paid for the services. At the same time the savings of contracting an interior designer versus DIY could be considerable.


The initial stage of gathering information about the style, materials and costing of the project requires significant professional skills and time. Based on your ideas a professional interior designer would be able to create stylish, modern and comfortable interiors.

Sourcing of materials.

Interior designers would not only know where to source the right materials for the projects but obtain them at significant discounts which will be passed to a customer. The goods will be delivered to your door (with your prior approval of course) saving you lots of time going around showrooms, factories and action houses. Using the newest materials on offer on the market an interior design can cater for the green-conscious” or advice on use of conservation old style and ecological materials for the project.

Project and Time Management – Working with subcontractors Large amounts of money and time and yes!(heartache) could be saved if you delegate dealing with builders ad other construction professionals to an interior designer. Project management would assure the best allocation of resources and time so the project would be kept within agreed budget and completed on time. DIY obviously requires a lot of spare time and commitment not even to mention essential characteristics as skills and experience. But your time investment doesn’t stop after employing a team of construction workers; each step should be verified, deliveries and alternations scheduled on time and the works carried out according to the plan.

Sourcing of art works, antiques and items specially designed for the project. Most qualified interior designers would be able to assist you with purchases of art works and antiques for the project. There are also some interior designers with degrees and experience in art history and antiques. Dealing with them will definitely save you time and money and it will guarantee that you would obtain an authentic work.

Quality Control and Safety

If you want your project to be completed to the highest specifications an ongoing quality control is a definite requirement. An interior designer would verify that all items are installed according to the specifications and plans and all equipment and lighting is installed in correspondence to the existing safety regulations.