Projects That Will Drastically Change the Exterior Look of Your Home


The exterior of your home is often something that goes untouched, or at the very least, tends to get a little less attention than the interior. Homeowners will spend lots of time, energy, resources, and money to make the inside ‘just so’, but what about the exterior? If the exterior of your home lacks in personality, uniqueness, and just that ‘it factor’, then it’s likely time to take on a makeover project. But what will have the most impact in terms of exterior projects? Here are a few you can tackle.

Paint the Front Door and Garage Door a Bold New Shade

If you don’t have a lot of time and money to pour into exterior projects, then painting the front door and garage door is an excellent route to take. These have maximum impact yet don’t require much in terms of time and money. This is also your chance to really make a statement with a bold new shade, something that pops and complements your landscaping and brick/siding color.

Create Some Garden Beds and Natural Greenspace

Landscaping will also go a long way in making the exterior of your home look more cared for. Even if you just put in one flowerbed, the results can be quite shocking. When creating a new garden, make sure you think about how it will look right now, as well as in the future. That means giving plenty of space for bushes, shrubs, and flowers to grow and fill in the area.

Shingles, Shakes, and Metal Roofing – A Whole New Look

Then there is the roof of your home, which in reality takes up quite a bit of space in terms of the exterior. Did you know that by switching out the material of your roof and the color of the material, you can drastically change the entire look of your home? When it comes to the most popular materials to choose from, there are shingles, shakes, and metal roofing – all of which offer their own list of pros and cons. Don’t be afraid to look into something new and different for your home, as this may be the exact change you’re looking to make.

Install a Pathway to the Front Door – A Warm Welcome to Your Home

If you don’t have a clear pathway or walkway to your front door, this is another project you can take on. You can use natural stone, concrete slabs, or even wood chips stamped down to create a footpath.

Add a Porch, Patio, or Decking – Ideal for Entertaining

Finally, there is the entertainment and relaxation space the exterior may be missing right now. Adding a porch, patio, or decking to the front or rear of the home will give you that welcoming area to sit and relax and also entertain when friends drop by. You have a large array of materials to choose from such as wood, natural stone, and concrete, which also means a variety of price points to work with.

An Exterior that Pops

No matter which of these projects you choose to tackle off this list, you are sure to make the exterior pop.