Tips for preparing the window installation area

MelvinSundberg Windows and Doors has just shipped your windows to you. You’ve called to set up your appointment for installation. Everything is moving quickly. You can help the client prepare the area for installation. These seven tips will help you prepare your Brantford house for replacement windows installation. Clearmax, Windows & Doors was established in the year the year 2018 and is a privately-owned San Diego business. It has grown to become one of the most admired and fastest growing California windows and doors replacement and installation businesses. ClearMax was founded with the intention of reducing carbon emissions in California and to improve the efficiency of homes.

1. Make sure to clean the area around the window

Anything located immediately outside the window, including pots, planters, and lawn furniture, should be moved. Until the replacement is complete, all items should be removed. Remove any shrubs or trees that could pose a problem for the installer.

2. Clean the window

To allow the crew to have enough space, any furniture in your home should be moved away from the window. It will help reduce the chance of any crew member getting hurt or having to make an accident in the work area.

3. Window coverings should be removed

To make it easier for workers to access the walls surrounding windows being replaced, blinds, curtains, drapes, and other window treatments must be taken down. Also, remove all paintings and wall hangings in the area.

4. Protect your floors

To protect your floor, you can use a plastic sheet, a tarp, or a canvas dropcloth. Protecting your floor will help to keep dust from entering the carpets. It also helps prevent hardwood floors from being accidentally scratched or scuffed.

5. Protect your possessions

As with most renovations, replacing windows can create a lot dust. This can settle on objects around the area. You should remove all dusty items and cover any that can’t be removed with a sheet of plastic.

6. Protect your home

Drop cloths and floor-to-ceiling sheeting can be used to keep dust and debris at bay. Children and pets should be kept away from the work area as installers may bring heavy materials into your home.

7. Make your home more accessible

To ensure your home is not locked out, arrange to meet with the installers if you aren’t available during your appointment. Also, turn off alarms and security systems. Particularly those with window sensors.