Oriental Interior Design – A Testament To High Living


The advent of the 21st century has introduced to us the many possibilities of designing a home with just about any regional influence there is. One of the more popular themes is Oriental interior design because of its relevance to culture and tradition.

The use of Oriental interior design enables the homeowner to experience the mysticism of the Orient without even having to leave his abode. Keeping a few basic principles in mind, you’ll find that it’s relatively easy to reproduce Oriental interior design.

What Are The Two Essential Aims of Oriental Interior Design?

Individuals who choose to try Oriental interior design wish to either impart a sense of affluence and royalty or they wish to strengthen the family ties that Oriental culture is known for.

A Sense Of Affluence

Perhaps it’s the use of the rich colors of royalty such as gold, red, and royal blue, or perhaps it’s the ornate details that go with Oriental decor, but one thing’s for sure – Oriental interior design invariably lends a touch of high class to any house’s interiors if the decor and the design are meticulously put together.

A home that makes use of Oriental interior design is in a class on its own because it doesn’t use the monotonous details that cookie-cutter homes usually have. Oriental interior design incorporates colorful tapestries, elegant paintings, and expensive-looking antiques that are mostly handcrafted and hard-to-find.

If you choose to go for an Oriental interior design for your home, though, you need not spend a fortune on the appropriate accessories. There are many accessories and furniture that approximate the look and feel of Oriental interior design pieces. Some of these are large urns, Chinese paintings, folding screens, and stylish tables.

Keeping Family Traditions Alive

We all know how important family is to Oriental cultures. Their dinners, for instance, are important for keeping up with news about each other. Kitchens in Oriental interior design are specifically tailored to create a space that is essentially a hub of activity.

Try your hand at Oriental interior design and bring the happiness of and warmth of family to your home. Arrange living space such that many people can be seated comfortably at the same time, and only keep the objects that are near and dear to your heart.