Office Interior Design Trends And Themes


Working on an office interior design project can be challenging and fun. Primarily, it’s challenging because your office represents your company – its ideals, goals, and identity. It’s a project that should, therefore, be taken seriously.

Office interior design should be able to reflect the corporation’s goals and dynamism. Potential clients must be able to sense that this company, just like the furniture it uses in the office, means business. The clients should also be kept in mind in all stages of office interior design.

On the other hand, office interior design is at the same time fun because you’ll finally have free rein in bringing life to the place where you work day in and day out.

The modernistic style is most commonly used in office interior design. This is because it showcases a sense of being dynamic, progressive, and always updated with the latest trends. Definitely, no client wants to deal with a company whose office still houses ’70s furniture!

Modernistic themes give great appeal, too, because the lines are sleek and clean, giving the impressions of smartness and sharpness. The office interior design banking on modernistic themes somehow entices the client to join a company that is moving towards the future.

Designing A Home Office

The Internet Age has made it possible for millions of working men and women to telecommute – that is, too work from the comforts of their own home. This is not to say, though, that such a person can plop a PC in the middle of the kitchen table and do work in between doing the laundry and cooking dinner.

Even a home office must benefit from home office interior design. Many telecommuters earn a decent living working at home, so they don’t mind spending on an elaborate home office interior design.

The difference in home office interior design is that you can have more room for creativity and incorporate personal touches that you otherwise wouldn’t include in a traditional office setting.

Moreover, it is important to use muted colors for the home office interior design. This is because colors which are too loud or too vibrant may distract from the work to be done. Calm and soothing colors such as blue or light green may also provide color without making the space feel smaller than it actually is.