When Should You Call for Mold Inspection West Palm Beach Services, and Why?


Mold spores live everywhere; they exist outdoors and indoors, and they are not visible to the human eye. Mold spores enter homes through the air; doorways, open windows, chimneys, and ventilation systems are just some of the entry points for mold spores to make their journey into your living space. Mold spores can attach to any object, including walls, furniture, carpets, people and pets. When they find their way to moist areas, black mold can slowly begin to develop and cause extensive damage to your home or property, and cause severe health risks. Knowing when to call for mold inspection West Palm Beach services is critical, and this article is intended to help educate people in West Palm Beach, Florida on when to call for a mold inspection, and why it matters.

West Palm Beach and Mold Inspections

West Palm Beach, Florida is one of the top cities in America for having homes with mold problems. According to insurance statistics, more than 50 percent of property damage claims in Palm Beach County involved a mold spore colony causing severe damage to roofs, walls and floors. Because West Palm Beach gets a lot of rain, has a high moisture index, and gets impacted by hurricanes, and many of the homes in the county are older, water can easily enter through crevices in the roof, through window sills, and in other architectural gaps.

Call for West Palm Beach Mold Inspection Services if Your Home has a Musty Odor

When mold spores get to work to spread on surfaces, there is usually an accompanying musty odor. If this smell remains in your home, you should call a West Palm Beach company to come assess the situation, perform a mold inspection, and execute mold remediation services if needed. If this smell is stronger near appliances or in the bathroom, then your chances of having a mold problem are even greater.

Pipe Bursts, Roof Leaks and Appliances Spilling out Water Lead to Mold

Sometimes pipes can burst in your walls, roofs can reveal leaks after a bout of rain, and washing machines can drip water out onto the floor. If any problems like these have persisted, it is ideal to call a West Palm Beach mold inspection company to see if the water damage has caused mold to begin the early stages of development. Water damage and mold go hand-in-hand, so most mold inspection companies also perform after damage restoration and mold remediation services. If you have suffered water damage, regardless of the cause, you should call Titan Remediation for West Palm Beach mold inspection and cleanup services.

How Black Mold Forms: It Leads Dark Spots on Your Floor, Walls, Ceiling, or Other Surfaces

If you see dark spots on your surfaces, then the chances are very high that you have black mold. Black mold develops in areas with lots of moisture and typically form as a result of water leaks or unmitigated standing water. Even if you had water damage remediation performed, many providers don’t do the job correctly, and black mold can develop as a result. According to mold inspection companies that restore mold damage, these are some of the most common areas where black mold is detected:

  • Inside walls
  • Behind or on drywall
  • Around windows
  • On shower and bathtub surfaces
  • Under subflooring
  • Inside kitchen cabinets and under sinks
  • Under or on carpets
  • On roof trusses
  • In attics
  • In the home’s foundation
  • Near appliances like water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers

When you call for West Palm Beach mold inspection services from a certified company like Titan Remediation, the latest technology will be used to find and detect mold. Then the mold will be completely removed and restoration services will leave your home as good as new.

Why Calling West Palm Beach Mold Removal Services Should Never be Delayed

There are two main reasons why you should call for mold detection services if you see black mold or you have some signs that it may be growing in places you can’t see: (1) it can make your family and pets sick, and (2) it can cause expensive restoration needs and hurt the resale value of your home. Mold can lead to respiratory problems, create asthma, and lead to lung disease. It can even kill people. Actress Brittany Murphy, star from such hits as ‘Clueless’, ‘8 Mile’, and ‘Girl Interrupted’ died due to an untreated mold colony in her home. Your life and the lives of your family are not worth the risk.

Mold grows and spreads at a fairly rapid rate, and if it bets on beam support, subflooring, wall studs, the roof, or the foundation you could easily be looking at repair bills over $20,000, and if not properly remediated, your property value can drop by $50,000 or more. This is why it is important to have a West Palm Beach mold detection company come out, locate the black mold, remove it, and restore the damaged area as fast as possible so your family will be healthy and your home’s integrity will be entact.