How to Design a Functional Office–Living Room Combo

    Since last year, many of us have stopped going to the office and started working remotely. If you are one of those people, you know how difficult it can be to focus on work at home, especially if you don’t have a separate room for your office. Luckily, with the right tools and materials such as magnesium oxide boards, you can now easily construct and design an office in your living room.

    This solution is perfect for anyone who lives in a small apartment with limited options for renovations. It will help you get back into working mode and, at the same time, isolate you from the rest of your family.

    Find the Right Place for Your Office

    Finding the right place for an office in your living room is crucial for creating a functional office–living room combo. You can start by making a sketch of your living room layout on a piece of paper and then try to include a small office.

    If you feel like having some fun while planning this project, an even better way to do it would be to cut all your furniture pieces out of another paper, color them, and move them around the surface that represents the living room.

    While doing so, make sure that you take a good look at your current living room and try to imagine how it would look once you make the desired changes. Don’t worry if it turns out that you need to install a separate cubicle to fit an office into your space — this will be a piece of cake with an MgO board.

    Measure Everything

    Once you decide which changes you’re going to make in your living room, measuring the space, as well as everything in it, is the next step. First, measure the room to figure out exactly how much space you have for your renovation maneuver.

    Then, take measurements of the current pieces of furniture and write the numbers down so that you don’t have to measure them over and over again. The moment you have everything in black and white, it will be easy to calculate how many magnesium oxide boards you need to buy in order to build your home office.

    Get Adequate Furniture

    When dealing with small spaces, obtaining proper furniture is essential. You can’t just go to a home decor store and buy whatever looks attractive; there are certain room measurements you should take into consideration first.

    Before you go shopping for new things, check whether you can still use any of your current furniture. Perhaps some of them can be refurbished and modified, which could make them suitable for a small office. If that’s not an option, take some time to calculate what should be the right size of the furniture you’re missing and then go look for it in stores.

    Install Dividers

    Once you get everything you need, it’s time to install magnesium board dividers. These boards are eco-friendly, as well as builder-friendly since they are very lightweight. You can choose the board size and thickness, and even bring a few of them together in order to make a really strong divider.

    Note that each MgO board has antimicrobial characteristics that make it mold- and fungus-resistant, while it’s also unlikely to rot. Therefore, installing these boards in your living room won’t affect the quality of the environment health-wise.

    In case you want to go the extra mile, you can add an extra wall instead of these dividers. However, this will probably cost more and the effect won’t be much better compared to what you get with magnesium panels.

    Visually Separate the Office From the Room

    Finally, after you have installed the dividers, the last thing is to visually separate the office from your living room. Choose a color that’s different from your living room walls and paint your dividers together with the corner in which your new home office is set.

    Make sure that you choose a pleasant color you will be comfortable with. Move your office desk and chair to this corner, bring your laptop and all the other things you normally use at work, and your new office space will be ready for new business accomplishments.


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