Features of the tumbling composters


Tumbling composter is the container that is used for producing the compost. It is useful because it can be placed even in small yards. By tumbling or rotating the person can mix the debris uniformly and the compost gets ready. The tumbling composters are two types that are

  • Single chamber composter
  • Two chamber composter

Features or properties of the tumbling composters

There are various styles available in the market each having its own uses. The main properties includes

Tumbling or rotation of the drum

The main feature of the drum is that the person can rotate the box around its own axis. In this way the uniform mixing is possible. The composters can provide the required stuff in two weeks. In two chamber composters, one box is for filling purpose while the other is meant for the mixing purpose. The aerobic tumbling drums have the feature of the vents or holes that enable the air to enter and help in decomposing the substance present inside the drums.

Other properties

  • These composters are made of a material which is durable and can be used for a long time.
  • These are present in affordable prices.
  • In some products, there is the presence of red and green indicators that helps to know that the drum is filled or not.
  • These are easy to use and can hold the capacity of 100 gallons.
  • The small size is best for yards, balconies, and porches
  • These are usually present in sleek and attractive designs that the person feels good to keep the composter on his lawn.

The tumbling composters are useful devices that are sturdy as well as well balanced. It is the good facility to utilize the organic waste in useful material that helps in the better growth of the plants.