Reddit’s Rep Subreddits, “FashionReps”


You might be searching for a forum to discuss taobao FashionReps or contribute your content. You might be looking for inspiration or a place to discuss your next fashion haul. These subreddits are worth a visit. Many of you may actually be Fashionreps members and have come to RepArchive to access the structured content that we offer.

This article will give you an overview of the subreddits and give you information. We also rate them in different categories so that you can choose the sub you want to explore more. This is not meant to be a negative assessment of any community.

RepArchive also offers community services. We have experts available for any question. Our discord server keeps active. If inspiration is what your looking for, why not visit our items page and use a few filters to filter the items you don’t like, then sort by random?


The largest rep subreddit is FR. It is even well-known in China, where reddit has been banned. This is because it is what Chinese sellers associate with reddit. It is so popular that news outlets often report on it.

High Quality FashionReps

There are some experts and content is available from them, but they are only a fraction of the vast majority. You are often bombarded by noob questions and most people don’t know much.

Memes are the most popular type of content. You can decide if that’s what your looking for. RepArchive has banned Memes because we want to improve the user experience and create value.

We also find the fake user stories to be a negative pillar of r/Fashionreps. People share stories about being called out, or how someone called them out. They are now more of a meme, and often over-the-top.

Seller posts and shifts

Although I don’t think shilling is a problem I would say it’s not below average. It’s difficult to keep track of a sub that large. Sellers will often offer cash or discounts for positive reviews. Fashionreps should therefore be the most appealing place for such shady deals. It’s hard to see because of the size.

It is possible to say that some sellers have made deals with moderators of fashionreps. These links are located in the sidebar as well avenger travel trailer as in pinned posts. Many of these sellers are controversial. They arguably got their spots because they are making money, not because of their product or services.

It is important to note that moderators often overlap with r/Fashionreps. This means that many raftings are very similar.