Does art have any mental benefits?


Art has been around us for centuries. Some of the best art features by famous artists are still as popular now as they were back then.  Good art is something that appeals to your emotions or senses. Good art is diverse and it includes ways of expression by using activities and creations. People express art in literature, film, music, portraits, paintings, sculptures, photography, and drawings. Art reflects the social and economic aspects of the world we live in.

Simply put, art is a creative expression by humans. People appreciate art differently. For some, art triggers some emotions while others find fascination from the creativity involved, and still there are those that do not understand art at all. Those that do not understand art also say it does not trigger any emotions in them. For people that use their sensibilities and minds to create art, they also know that it comes with many mental health benefits. Maybe learning about these benefits will make people view art differently.

Mental health benefits of art

Many people have this belief that art is a preserve of those that can create sculptures, drawings, portraits, music and so on. Others think that you cannot wake up one day and become an artist. They believe that every artist is born with the gift to be creative. This is one reason why some people never appreciate art or think that it comes with any benefits.

What these people do not know is that anyone and everyone can become an artist because we are all born with the desire to express our emotions and thoughts. One off the newest artists on the block, Loulou Avenue creates drawings with just a stroke of brush or pencil. She uses minimalism and simplicity in her drawings, but the effects they have on people are astounding. Viewing art and engaging in art comes with benefits.

·        Relieves stress

Engaging in creative activities like painting, drawing, photography, music or sculpting is both rewarding and relaxing. The activities provide a distraction for the brain, which gives it a rest from other thoughts besides what you are doing. When you immerse yourself into what you are doing, your brain pushes aside anything that may be stressing you. Even when you have stress related issues, a therapist may advise you to take up art as therapy. 

·        Boosts self esteem

Have you ever looked at your kids’ faces when you stick their artwork on the fridge? It is pure joy and it boosts their self-esteem. Engaging in art even for adults and hanging your creative piece on the way feels the same for you as it does to the kids. Art increases dopamine, which in turn boosts focus, concentration and drive. Looking at that piece on the wall makes you feel proud and accomplished. This also motivates you to learn and create more pieces. Remember you do not have to be as perfect as professional artists are. Just knowing that you can accomplish to do something and look back at it with pride is enough to boost your self-esteem.

·        Creates empathy, love, and tolerance

Even if you do not do your own art pieces, you can visit art galleries to see what others like Loulou Avenue display. Study shows that people that visit art museums and galleries changed how they felt and thought about different things. Some even develop critical thinking skills, empathy, love and tolerance towards people and the environment. Looking at art, triggers more dopamine, which in turn registers into love. The feeling brings certain calmness to the whole body just as falling in love does.

·        Improves the memory for dementia patients

People with dementia also show signs of anxiety, aggression, insomnia, agitation and depression. It is hard for physicians treating people with dementia because some of them are simply difficult to handle. However, many physicians use art to improve the self-esteem and social behaviour of the patients.

Wrapping it up

If you are experiencing stressful situation or a mental health disorder, you should consider art therapy as a solution to your problems. Art helps everyone irrespective of age. Art provides you with a sense of accomplishment, relieves stress, boosts self-esteem, encourages creative thinking and helps when you have some health problems. It changes the function and structure of the brain, which turns you into a happier and better person. Art is definitely has many mental health benefits.