Carpet care


Carpets are essential must haves in any home. They are able to turn a boring room into an old fashioned castle in England or a classic new age mansion in Berlin. Carpets act as accessories in any room and do well by either blending in or standing out depending on the effect intended. Carpets can be of a variety in terms of the materials used to make them depending on the desired effect. Some carpets are thus warmer, bulkier or costly than others. The general framework of a carpet is composed of an upper layer attached to a backing. That said, as an owner of a carpet, your carpet can say a million words about you. It is thus important to know how to take care of your carpet.

Carpet care can be divided into two broad categories; carpet cleaning and maintenance procedures. Care implies that the physical appearance of the carpet is maintained in good condition and damage is avoided at all cost. Care ensures that the carpet does not lose its colour by fading and the carpet remains intact since it could tear or some of its threads could run. So how do you carry out carpet cleaning? Carpet cleaning cannot be defined as simply cleaning since it involves procedures. Cleaning can either be normal or special cleaning in stain removal instances. Stains are of a wide variety and the mechanism of stain removal depends on the type of stain. Cleaning by vacuuming removes the soil or dust part of dirt; this means that greasy dirt is left on the carpet. The best way to remove this kind of dirt is by using hot water. Greasy dirt is important since it causes the color of carpets to fade away and could also harbor microorganisms.

Carpet maintenance can either be preventive or corrective. As the names suggest, preventive maintenance works by avoiding damage while corrective corrects damage already done to the carpet.  Preventive carpet maintenance can be done by cleaning the carpet on a regular basis. This means that you don’t wait for spills to happen or your toddler to catch flu from all the dust for you to clean it. The second way is by setting the carpet away from furniture that has sharp edged that can tear through it if pulled. The third may is by airing the carpet if you dry clean or using wet methods of cleaning. The last thing is by avoiding hot surfaces resting on the carpet. This is especially important for surfaces that tend to burn out the textiles that make carpets such wool, nylon, propropylene or polyester. The most common culprit for this kind of damage is the iron box.

Corrective carpet maintenance involves offering remedies to a situation in progress. This involves stain removal which should be done immediately and also cutting off running threads.Carpet care is simple and does not require a lot of work or energy or costs.. A little care will go a very long way.