Best Interior Design Schools


Interior design schools help to train candidates to create a quality environment around them. At interior design schools, students are taught study from material that is computer-aided to draw and design, to solve problems, to study the history of interior designing and architecture, space planning and also 3-d imaging. The help of the visual media enables these institutes to teach the art interior deigning and the related problems.

Interior designing is subject to government rules and regulations, unlike any other professional course. Interior design schools prepare the students to appear for National Council for Interior Design Qualification or NCIDQ exam. It provides recognized credentials and equips the interior designer for better job opportunities. To be eligible to appear for the NCIDQ exam, the candidate must have a total experience of 6 years, comprising of the interior design based education. This must include 2 years of post secondary education. There are also diploma courses like the BTECH HND, which are the Diploma in Interior Designing and Decoration and the Higher National Diploma.

Students with degrees from reputed interior design schools are recruited for jobs in the business sector, restaurants, hotels, homes and theatres. While designing the area allotted, it is necessary to utilize the space with a lot of planning. The interior designer must have a vision and should be able to put it on paper.

Another important detail to keep in mind is the preference of the client and the budget. The interior designer can give suggestions for the client to think about and approve. Things such as furniture, color scheme, lighting and fixtures must also be kept in mind and a rough layout should be prepared.

Interior designers help to enhance the interiors of a house, an office, hotel and hospital. Their demand has increased over a period of time.