5 Common Plumbing Problems- The Ultimate Guide

    Building and construction is a growing industry that marvels everyone. With all the excellent physical planning, the construction sector faces many plumbing challenges. Water is life, and if water is not being channeled to various homesteads, then questions concerning the plumbing system arise.

    Nevertheless, plumbing problems could emanate from leaking pipes, clogging of pipes, low water pressure, broken distribution pipes, water heater issues, and so many more.

    In this regard, the following are the most common plumbing problems.

    Let’s get started:

    1.     Low Water Pressure

    Low water pressure is a widespread problem facing houses and apartments. This problem emanates from leaking pipes within the homestead or a water break from the main water distribution pipes.

    Clogging of pipes resulting from mineral deposition could result in low water pressure or even no water at all. To solve the problem, install filters to tap the sediments. For excellently blocked drains Sydney, suffer no more. Call a reputable plumber today.

    2.     Running Toilet

    A constantly running toilet is one of the most annoying experiences you would encounter. This leads to the wastage of water. This problem happens when the inner components of the toilet flash are not working correctly. For instance, if the flapper valve is not fixed correctly, it lets water run for long.

    Also, a loose-fill tube, a leak, or an imbalanced float will cause a running toilet. To fix the problem, call a plumber.

    3.     Leaking Pipes and Faucets

    Leaking faucets and pipes is a common problem in houses and apartments. A dripping faucet occurs when the washer gets damaged. The washer typically acts as a seal on the tap. The damage may range from tearing to dislodging.

    For leaking pipes, the problem could be easily detected from the joints. Also, pipe leakages may occur due to high pressure, poor pipe joint fixing, among others. Call a plumber if the problem persists.

    4.     Clogged Drains and Toilets

    Clogged toilets and drains are problems faced in houses and apartments. Clogged drains are easily spotted when water doesn’t flow forward but instead backs up. For a toilet clog, the water backs up or causes an overflow instead of flushing as supposed to. The causes of these problems are unsolvable wastes which enter the toilets and pipes, causing a blockage.

    To solve this problem, remove the clog using a plunger and dispose of unsolvable wastes in the designated places.

    1. Water Heater Issues

    Those with water heaters in their houses can testify this. You get a cold shower instead of getting a nice warm shower. Some of the signs of the water heater issues include discolored water and noises coming from the water heating unit. You have to replace it with another water heater unit.

    The Final Word

    Plumbers are very critical in ensuring that water from distribution companies is channeled to your home. However, some challenges inhibit the distribution process. If the plumbing problems are addressed quickly, then you will be delighted.

    Finally, it is essential to use high-quality plumbing materials. Hire a competent plumber to solve these common problems.



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