12 Best Handheld Vacuums

    A handheld vacuum is a great choice for smaller jobs. It doesn’t take up much space and can be used quickly. Although these mini vacuums can’t be used to replace a full-size vacuum for deep cleaning, they are great for quickly tackling small spills, dirt, and hair stuck to almost anything. Because they can handle messes outside of your home, you might consider buying more than one handheld vacuum. You can keep one in your garage and one in your garden to clean your car, garden bench, and workshop.

    The Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab evaluates handheld vacuum cleaners to see how they perform on low-pile carpets and bare floors. Below are our winners. They have a long run time and are easy to use. You can read more about how we test vacuums.

    • PowerShare Portable Vacuum Cleaner

    The Worx model is not your standard handheld vac. It has a compact design, a removable battery that can be used with other Worx tools, and a top handle. The crevice and brush tools can be stored on the board. It also has a flexible hose that extends to four feet.

    This model was a top performer in our cleaning tests. It picked up all the pet hair and debris we left behind, even when it wasn’t on the maximum power setting. It is easy to reach tight places thanks to the hose, which ran for 23 minutes on one charge at standard power. It’s heavier than most handheld vacuums but you don’t have to lift it up to use it.

    • AeroSlim Lithium Ion Cordless Handheld vacuum

    AeroSlim’s compact, lightweight design is perfect for quick pick ups on hard surfaces. It comes with a combo crevice tool, soft brush accessory, and crumbs remover that can be used to clean crumbs from your laptop, car, or between your sofa cushions. It holds the vacuum upright with the built-in cap. The accessory tool can also be stored on the stand. The vacuum comes with a washable filter that can be washed and charged via USB.

    • Bissell Pet Hair Eraser HandheldVacuum

    This well-priced vacuum is made to remove pet hairs. The vacuum contours around chairs and stairs to grab every bit of hair. To quickly clean up dry spillages on bare floors, such as kitty litter, remove the rubber tip. Although this model isn’t cordless, the 16-foot power cable provides great reach.

    • Eufy HomeVac H11 Cordless Handheld Vacuum

    The Eufy’s thin shape should not be misunderstood. This sleek, lightweight vacuum is about the same size as a wine bottle and weighs just over 1 pound. handheld vacuum is full-featured. The vacuum comes with a crevice/brush and washable filter. It also has a cap that allows it to stand upright when charging or storing.

    The Eufy is small but powerful, and can clean as well as larger models. It is easy to hold thanks to its soft grip. The battery can be charged in as little as 13 minutes.

    • AdvancedClean+ Pet Vacuum

    Black + Decker’s motorized miniature brush attachment makes it impossible for pet hair to hide. Pet care is made easier by the extra-long pullout crevice tool, and the large bottom-emptying dustbin.

    The vacuum passed our pet hair-picking test with flying colors. It also handled other messes well, even without the boost power setting. However, there was some sand on hard floors. We like the fact that the filter can be washed and that it stands on its own for storage or charging. It ran for 32 minutes using the standard setting.

    • Cordless 18-Volt Hand Vacuum

    Although it was designed for use in a workshop or garage, Rigid’s handvac is equally at home in the home. The powerful champ was able to remove pet hair and messes just as well as those with rotating brushes. The vacuum comes with a crevice tool, a floor nozzle and an extension tube measuring 22 inches. However, it does not include a charger or battery. You will need to buy a separate battery and charger. It can be used interchangeably with other Ridgid products, charges extremely quickly, and the large capacity allows for a long-lasting vacuum. The easy-grip handle and washable filter are great features. We also like the large twist-off dust cup that is easy to empty.

    • ONEPWR Cordless Handheld Vacuum

    The Hoover is a tiny powerhouse with an onboard crevice instrument that makes it easy clean difficult-to-reach areas. It cleans up dirt and debris easily, and even pet hair wasn’t a problem during our tests. It is so easy to empty the dust cup, and then remove the filter to clean.

    It’s a great feature to have a removable rechargeable battery. The battery is compatible with other ONEPWR System indoor or outdoor cleaning devices. If your hand vacuum runs out of battery, you can borrow it from your ONEPWR leaf blower upright vacuum or carpet cleaner. To keep your battery charged for longer cleaning sessions, you can also buy a spare.

    • WandVac Handheld Vacuum

    The Shark WandVac is small and lightweight, making it ideal for quick clean-ups. Attaching to the charging dock is the accessory bank. This allows you to keep the multi-surface pet tool and duster crevice tools right where they are needed. The multi-surface pet tool was particularly effective in picking up pet hair. However, the bulk of fluff was not caught on the tool. It has a washable filter that is easy to clean and recharges much faster than other handheld vacuums.

    • Vapamore MR-50 Vacuum Cleaner and Steam Cleaner Combination

    The MR-50 corded steamer can handle dry pickup but it is also able to pick up wet messes (pet messes) without the use of chemical cleaners. The vacuum comes with nylon brush attachments and a spare washable filter. The nozzle has little wheels that allow you to position the vacuum for suction. Flip the switch, then steam the area with dry or hot steam. During our tests, no stains or odor remained. It was very easy to empty the machine and clean it afterwards.

    • EL7207 12V Auto Vacuum

    The vacuum is lightweight and affordable and plugs in to any 12V outlet. It also has a 10-foot power cable. The vacuum was able to pick up dirt, debris, and pet hair from car carpeting and seat upholstery. The vacuum comes with a brush and crevice tool, as well as a bag that can be used to store the accessories in your garage or trunk.

    • DeWalt 20V Max 1/2 gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum Set

    The cordless DeWalt is a smart choice for your workshop. It’s ideal for DIY and craft projects. The powerful suction of the DeWalt and its large tank allow you to clean up even big messes, even those with wet spillages. It is easy to empty and clean. It has an extendable hose that gives you two-and-a-half feet more reach to reach those hard-to-reach places. The kit comes with a removable battery and a charger. These can be used interchangeably with other DeWalt tools.

    • IC-FAC2 Mattress & Upholstery Vacuum

    The compact, corded IRIS vacuum is designed to vacuum upholstery and mattresses. It has a powerful suction mechanism that can shake off dust and mites. The IRIS’s unique sensor and color-lit lighting system let you know if your surface is clean. It also has an ergonomic handle and hinged body that make it easy to use. It did not perform well on hard floors, but it was able to clean up pet hair and crumbs from fabric-covered chairs with ease.


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